Optimized Yarn Solutions

ZhongDing offers the service of material supply exclusively , washing instruction,
and innovation promotion for brands and factory partners.

Service support

  • Material supply exclusively

    Zhongding insight into customers demands, selecting the best raw materials from the cooperation suppliers, making premium high-identification products with the characteristics of raw material origin to  the brands. Zhongding using Alashan cashmere, Australian merino wool, no mulsing merino wool, New Zealand merino wool, to establish specific supply chain relationship with exclusive brands. Zhongding uses the finest cashmere fiber in micro 14-15um and ECO natural undyed cashmere fiber to provide the luxury cashmere yarns by order.

  • Washing instruction

    Zhongding offers the service of cashmere washing instruction. Providing knowledge and service of cashmere washing care instruction for customers.

  • Innovation in product promotion

    Together with brands cooperation, Zhongding offering the premium high-identification products. Providing new product innovation test, new product channel promotion and clients experience activities, offering more options for cooperation partners with the support in technology. Such as the cooperation strategy of Tanzanian wool.

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